Clip Club Armchair

This is the armchair in our Clip collection, one of Diabla’s most ingenious collections, as it allows you to create a whole range of different furniture with just two elements. For example, by adding the side table to this outdoor armchair as a footrest, it becomes a lounger. And if you alternate several of these two pieces in a row, you’ll get a sofa with however many seats you want. Behind its appearance of spontaneous strokes is a very carefully studied design.

Due to its sinuous form and low height, made from 100% recyclable polyethylene, the Clip outdoor armchair is an especially comfortable seat that creates a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for laid-back, informal settings. In combination with its side table it can be used to improvise not only different furniture but also multiple scenarios depending on your needs at each moment. What you do with it is all down to your creativity.